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Time to Recap.

Mind You, that I will continue to write from the perspective of experiencing whatever IS right now – as The Universe experiencing Itself through the person that is known to be the ‘Me’. The ‘I’. Could there be a reason that the conversion from the ‘i’ to the ‘I’ is inconsistent with the uniqueness of other characters in regards to being unique? I allow myself to get personal here:

For all of my Life, I have had great troubles from the moment on I used a computer for word processing. Although the emotion about it was present prior – type setting in the time of traditional newspaper printing utilized distinguished versions of the ‘I’, to avoid them to be mistaken for a low caps ‘l’ – like in ‘line’. When You are typing, it is not so much of an issue as when You are creating a secure password/code and make a hard copy of it. While creating the password, the ‘l’ and the ‘i’ are intermittently used. After a long and frustrating battle with the ‘l’ and the ‘I’, I had decided to never use a capital ‘I’ again. Or the small ‘L’. Little L. Just – and while we’re there, ‘J’ has it coming, too. ‘j’, as in ‘juggling’ can also be mistaken for an ‘i’ – then the ‘i’ is simply a ‘j’ with cut off leg. Especially pertaining to small notes on small papers folded even smaller. You never know what You could run into. Without ‘I’, the world would be a better place. And after an extensive amount of time, energy and dedication expanded a thought lit up behind the calcium shell of my skull.

It is for that reason that i devised the following character to replace the ‘I’ retroactively. For once and for all, any confusion of the ‘I’ with the ‘l’ as in café con leche, will be but a distant memory, like a wart that left. In the little flashy GIF above, You can see how a small pondering (at center), triggers a real thought (to the right) and it also makes clear how small the initial ponder energy was compared to the real big bang, that is like a short within the Universe. The Universe with wet feet in the bathroom – checking out its latest model Universal hair dryer.

The big thought lies in the realization, that capitalization is a feature given to people, landmarks and certain objects. When I look back at the dangers of mistaking an ‘i’ for a ‘j’, the damage will be quite insignificant. Because they are first cousins. Like ‘Ian’ and ‘Jan’. One of the most noteworthy oddities of the internet, or IT in general, is the requirement of the protocol to be addressed in small caps. Look at the URL of the article You are still reading. It’s all in small caps. Or the filenames in Your computer. Small caps are the majority. Where have I heard that before? No, seriously. The time was long overdue for the revision of this tricky problem. Whoever believes that walking on the moon is more important than the quantum leap like revision of an old problem, errs – at best.

There is a much deeper philosophy involved in this topic. It has its roots in the fact, that YOU usually write you and not “You”, where You, however write ‘I’, when You do. The ‘I’ dictates the use of the capital ‘i’. Not only when being the first character in a new sentence. Throughout anything that contains the character used for ‘i’, it will be in caps. Everybody else though, will have to go with small caps. Like you, he, she, they – are all in lower caps. The only other remedy – one that I have employed for many years now – is to capitalize you, he, she, it, they, albeit limiting the use to You. Now, if everyone would use small caps, the problem would be solved. Sort of. A certain Dynamic would go missing, though. And writing all in caps makes things infinitely more worse. By using the new character, the person using it shows an unparalleled alignment with the Universe.

The striking element is how quick it dissolves any confusion. The capitalized ‘I’ is now impossible to be mistaken for an ‘l’. There have been Nobel Prices awarded for far less groundbreaking work. Or some that were undeserving by the highest standards of hypocrisy. They can smelt those and cast an unmolested and un-desecrated version in my honor. “For Her services to all of Huwomanity”. Take a look at the commemorative edition of imperial delusions turned wondrous phantasies – it introduces the interested person to a winged phrase, that moved the world – closer to the edge.

‘I came I saw I wondered’ with the new I – ©2019 Helena-Sophia Exel


As to my excuse for the inability to reproduce the upgraded ‘I’ version on screen – i have to pass. The open source font editor is not as easy of an installation as one would fear of. For the average user, it is quite challenging, as the utilization of the ‘Command Console’ is necessary. In this window one must write in machine language. Different operating systems – different computer languages. ‘Unix’ is one of them and open source at it. It has come a long ways and is the result of the collective consciousness – versus the billionaire owner hiring a team of programmers. People the world over are into open source, with the greatest hurdle being, that some deeper computer knowledge and experience is required. At least for people that were using any of the commercially available alternative systems for a prolonged time. It is not a cake walk. That pretty much sums it up.

Not bad for an explanation to be excused. It goes without notice, that any font editing person is most welcome in creating the upgraded ‘I’ version for at least ‘Cochin’. That is the font type i used in the above graphics. At this point, i have not investigated to the fullest extend, if this character actually exists. The limited search i did revealed that the only thing that comes close to it is this one here: – ï -. It sort of looks like a Stork – two eyes and a very long beak. You can see clearly why this version is not even close, as it represents an ‘i’ with a mutation. Now, this is drifting away into uncharted territories. Be it as it is, the above version of the new ‘I’ makes a lot of sense – at least on this side of the screen.

Getting back to the ‘Enlighteningment’ now – it is a word play that combines Lightening with Enlightenment and seems to be a worthy creation, since any form of enlightenment will occur like a lightening. It is for that reason that the notion of getting hit by lightening must actually be expanded to include enlightenment, since enlightenment is as sudden as its electrical outdoors equivalent. Of course I have no verifiable data in regards of how many fatalities there are in existence of Homo Sapiens related to having gotten hit by enlighteningment. It is however easily imaginable that there must have been a number of folks that died due to having been hit by enlighteningment – while all others remained in darkness. It is from this time period that the notion was coined that “It is impossible to soar like an Eagle – if You are surrounded by Turkeys”. This is not to discredit Turkeys. Although they might not be among the brightest, as their calls seem to imply.

On the other hand, the prospects of widespread recognition and abundant wealth are also next to nil today, when someone gets hit by an enlighteningment. She, or he can’t actually talk about it in public. In that regard, nothing really changed over the last couple of thousand years. With one exception. A couple of thousand years ago, an enlighteningmented persona could gain both, wealth and recognition by ushering words of relative wisdom. Today, that would only cause what is called a ‘shitstorm on twitter’. Because You know, the only thing that is really important nowadays, is twitter. Bare any enlighteningment, twitter exclusively exists to keep You from getting hit by enlighteningment. Shielding those who waste their precious Life time searching for popularity. Little makes it wonder then, that enlighteningment is in such scarce supply. With the most frequented ‘news’ outlets having degenerated into twitter compilations – like the umpteenth compilation of ‘roots of reggae’ – the song remains the same, only the ones who scream it, change.

Therefore, if anything, a sudden strike of enlighteningment will but require, but also promote and make possible a laid back approach to the newfound wisdom. To keep it low, to take it easy with the increased comprehensive abilities that seem only to aggravate those who form the masses. Not a good idea to run around stating: “Hey folks! Listen, I got an enlighteningment hitting me about the ongoing regime change in Venezuela!” Bad move. Syria, Africa, Russia, China, Cuba, Socialism – just relax and hold Your horses of intelligence back for now. It is hard to imagine that someone would care and dare to speak truth to the masses – without getting reimbursed by them with contempt and hatred. “How dare You tell us the truth! We were suffering and hurting just fine – until you disturbed our as usual business!”

Maybe it’s time to reveal the package leaflet of enlighteningment? It says at the bottom of the leaflet in the smallest letters possible:

‘Package Leaflet for Enlighteningment’ – ©2019 Helena-Sophia Exel


So, let’s talk about Enlighteningment a bit more and explore what it actually is – as perceived and experienced by Yours truly. What struck me (pun intended) as particularly interesting, is the fact that the two components of the fusion are in themselves an occurrence of The Universe in each respective field of manifestation. The first, as mentioned briefly above, is an electric discharge from the ground towards the atmosphere. Lightening takes place through a pilot strike that extends from the ground – as in electrical ‘ground’ – opening a channel of least resistance and thus allowing the hovering electrical charge in the atmosphere to travel down through the layers towards the ground. That is what I have observed in all the images and videos I captured over the last forty years. It is not really visible to the human eye, due to the velocity of the leader. The actual lightening is ‘slower’ and can be seen with the naked eyes (or with dressed ones – as long as the blinders are not shut before the eyes).

Of course the idea is not to go scientific about it. The mere observation of the event will suffice. Lightening occurs more often than before nowadays (a look at insurance claims will prove that) and the reasons for that lie in both anthropogenic and natural causes. Focus is given here solely to the manifestation itself. Lightening happens as a result of electrical charge and subsequent discharge. You could also say, that energy moves from one point – or field – to another. A sort of equilibrium creating situation that is represented in myriad ways. One of these ways is indeed the change of ‘mental energy’, or ‘brain electricity’ based on an alleged outer influence, or discharge of ‘smarts’ of sorts. Needless to say that this comparison and the explanation of it are part of the act as played by Being The Universe. As always, nothing should ever be taken as granted – especially not relating to matters of the mind.

Because the exchange of energy, or better the movement of energy, is what makes this Universe go round and round. People are just happen to be IT. They are inherently part of the whole. Every single brain cell is The Universe’s brain cell. That might sound tough for those who believe to be exceptional and chosen to identify themselves as not being part of The Universe – but being hired to be the manager of it. The marshal, the administrator and the executive. This is of course humbug. No such ‘exceptionalism’ exists. If anything, it is revealing of an extremely underdeveloped mind – lost in programming and conditioning of an alternating narrative of how everything actually works. For the sake of simplicity, let me just utilize the metaphor of the fish in the ocean again. Whatever happens in, or with the water of the ocean – happens to and in the fish.

One of the more myopic views of the environment ‘surrounding’ us sees human beings and everything else, as being something in a space that alleges a nothing between the contents in this space. An old Middle Eastern proverb states:

He, who realizes the difference between the container and the content, has achieved true wisdom.

This profound truth comes from a time when the Middle East was not downgraded to serve as a resource pit and testing ground for the latest military technology. It was ‘the golden age of wisdom’. Or at the least, wisdom was predominant. A fact that is very much recommended to be incorporated into any world view. When that happens, a different vibrational frequency is generated, or grown out. The understanding that there has always been great wisdom – but today. Today, philosophy – even and especially Quantum Philosophy – are considered a fancy Commie Scheme to force white women into sexual slavery. And their children. Everything that has to do with consciousness is outright rejected. It was all explained in a few scriptures and that should suffice to keep being insane – to keep doing the same detrimental things over and over again and, really expecting different, or improved results? It is where all academic Philosophy fails miserably. It does not attempt to address the consciousness of the masses as much as did Edward Bernays and the regimes and corporations he sold his secrets of the human consciousness to.

It is actually not possible to understand the present state of affairs, without having understood the extend, to which the ‘Western Psyche’ has been manipulated, programmed and conditioned over the last 100+ years. Absolutely nothing can be looked at, leaving this elemental truth out. Everything, from the programming and conditioning of the parents’ generation, to the intensely manipulated ‘Baby Boomers’, followed by all other ‘generations, to the present generation that cannot exist without electronic devices. This generation is exposed to a near constant, 24/7 barrage of programming and conditioning – often suggesting that both ends are the same – to render the individual consciousness incapable to find the truth in anything. The time has already come, where the truth is traded like a commodity – without ever having the weight it actually has.

It is fair to say that Enlighteningment is a consequence of the unwillingness to be satisfied too impudently quickly, when it comes to how everything is actually one thing as far as the eyes, ears, nose and taste can reach and tell. It is this predominant mindset that creates a vibrational proclivity for sudden movements of energy through ‘Everything that is and not is’ alike. All over sudden, what was correctly described as Enlightenment and thus implying, it had all to do with the ‘Enlighteningé’, or most of it. As the person ‘going for enlightenment’ is required to overcome their Ego, it is a rather self-centered approach, that will ultimately be successful due to the effort extended to the desire to become, or to be enlightened.

However, the difference become most clear when comparing ‘Enlightenment’ with ‘Enlighteningment’. The latter is something that implies to be ‘struck by’. The energy involved is not due to the Ego pursuing its journey to death – it is available freely to those minds, who are able to allow this movement of energy to occur. From the perspective of ‘Being the Universe’ – From the perspective of ‘Being’. Just that. This is the catalyzing state of mind that makes being hit by ‘Enlightening’ and the subsequent ‘-ment’ possible. The Arrhythmia like realizations that show the world as one is living in from many more perspectives than previously alleged. It might be helpful to point out, that a Human Being is comprised of largely Water. Water is the Medium that absorbs and stores energy – to a much larger extend than is still believed. Without going down into this Rabbit Hole – when one is to believe that water retains any energy, or charge of a distinct vibrational frequency band – a Mind struck by Enlightening will be like an updated operating system. The Enlightening’s effects become immediately embedded, incorporated, absorbed into the ‘Vibrational Battery Pack’ the Body of Water called ‘Human Being’. You carry Your ‘enlighteninged’ Body of Water around and as much as the ‘Observer influences the Outcome’, this enlightened Body of Water influences the world ‘around ‘IT’.

It is here, that the circle closes, the cycle is eternal. The higher the frequency of the Mind – aka ‘Body of Water’ – vibrates, the higher will be the frequency of everything that is attracted by it. In both ways. It is fair to say that Enlighteningment creates an atmosphere of stoic relaxation. The Mind knows that everything fits like a glove – both contrasts and harmonies. That like each and everybody’s Life represents a tone, or note, a certain Body of Water – emitting a certain vibrational frequency – is inherently part of the composition called ‘The Universe’. Seeing it this way will in turn provide for the circumstances in Life to ‘play’ one’s tune in the Universal Orchestra.


To be continued.


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