If you are one of those who has an appointment with the Comicon and you like fanzine fairs, this is a documentary to have some mates with sponge cake and feel part of each one of the words of the guests.

The proposal is to know the mythical Crack bang boom convention, which was held in Rosario, Argentina. Far from mainstream proposals and close to the incipient authors of Latin American editorial production, this meeting place has everything to grow professionally in the field, scout talent and sit down to paint your first fanzine. The flow of exchange that occurs in this space is undoubtedly unique and enriching.

Within this framework, Bruno and Pedro, the protagonists of the documentary, had no better idea than to portray their experience traveling to the festival to interview its filmmakers from start to finish.


Directed by Dir. Luis Hitoshi Diaz writer, director and producer (yes, in Argentina we all have multiple skills)

Where to see it: on the Viva cultura platform (free during the festival) https://vivamoscultura.buenosaires.gob.ar/home/182-vivamos_cultura_plus/contenido/25522-crack-bang-boom-bars-2022
Duration: 82 minutes. It could be a bit shorter and still work perfectly.


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