Presented by Muta Magazine and in collaboration with Nautilus Books and Mandrágora Antiques, the sequel to Innervoid is here, showcasing intriguing revelations.

Introducing “Invasores” by Alejandro Agostinelli, a real-life account of extraterrestrial encounters in Argentina. Published by Sudamericana Editorial in 2009, this collection of journalistic narratives aims to shed light on events involving beings from other planets. The author, through his journalistic endeavors, shares perspectives from participants in these incidents.

“I used to be a skeptical ufologist because I couldn’t help but get hooked on aspects of these matters that skeptics often dismiss with laughter. I was never a scoffing skeptic.”

The book delves into the Kavanagh case, as previously seen in “Los platos voladores.” The author investigates what truly happened and explores the aftermath for those involved. Was it genuinely a spaceship they saw? Was it the spirit of his father speaking through the medium, or that of an extraterrestrial engineer? What do astronomers say about the sightings in the Buenos Aires sky in 1955? How did the author gather all this data?

In addition to this emblematic case, the book features other equally peculiar stories: a local who grilled meat from a mutilated cow and gained surprising superpowers; the alleged encounter of two casino employees in Mendoza with a ship from which five humanoids descended, displaying apocalyptic scenes through a screen; the incredible tale of Marta Green, the widow of a military man involved in Peronist resistance, who had a secret romance with a visitor from outer space since the mid-’50s, and a plethora of other intriguing accounts.

We bid farewell with a quote from the author of this journalistic work:

“Any subject is a reason for investigation and an excuse to illuminate aspects of life from a different perspective.”

If you’re curious about how this story continues, we invite you to watch the full video at the following link:



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