Translated by Nadia Sol Scheneider 

On November 20, the biggest soccer party began, this time, for 28 days, 32 countries will play the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to obtain the gold that will consecrate the World Champion.
The state with the most urbanized population in the world went from being one of the poorest countries in the world to one of the richest, with nothing more and nothing less than the discovery of one of the largest sources of oil in its territory in 1939.

Therefore, the determination to hold the most anticipated sports festival is not a simple coincidence but rather a factor that is linked to economic reasons. Currently, 70% of the income of the Arab state comes from the exploitation of oil fields, together with the export of liquefied gas, which allowed the State of Qatar exponential growth and large sums of money.

In fact, it is estimated that the Qatari government in relation to soccer spent around 200 billion dollars in the last decade, since it was chosen to host the World Cup. As regards economic support, the short distances between each stadium, accompanied by a comprehensive plan, allowed the construction of state-of-the-art facilities.

In recent years, the lifestyle of the World Cup audience has been transformed, mainly affecting the content and transmission channels.

Unlike past editions of the World Cup, TV broadcasters are now competing with content created by streamers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

This situation resulted in the sale of broadcast rights to streaming services, not only for football in this tournament but also for any sports competition such as the Copa América or NBA games.

Even so, not everything is so easy, since having the rights to the World Cup matches is subject to following multiple transmission rules by FIFA, that is, television stations and streaming platforms must differentiate the content that elaborate on the tournament: this includes pre- or post-match analysis shows, comedy segments, among others.

While most have access to the matches on open television, or in any case paid services, the entertainment business has a new key player that brings our experiences to audiences: streaming.

During the competition, various platforms seek to position themselves against traditional transitions by offering exclusive content from the matches. Not only broadcasting live -those who have the license- but also in innovative formats such as exclusive content of the matches.

Platforms such as Prime Video, HBO Max, Star Plus and Vix Plus have become the main source of entertainment due to the variety of content that can be viewed from any electronic device. As if this were not enough, the analysis offer has been expanded with YouTube and Twitch, which will not only broadcast the matches but will also have great figures that will broadcast with their own cameras.

One of them is the current technical director of the Spain team, Luis Enrique, who shares information about the Spanish team live from Qatar. In addition, it analyzes the matches and the performance of the national team from the point of view of the technical staff, which is extremely attractive.

fifa streaming


Then, the former soccer player and current streamer, Sergio Kun Agüero, will be telling what is seen and lived on Twitch from Qatar, although he will not broadcast the matches. In this way, the digital world is increasingly imposed in different areas of sports, entertainment and games.

Finally, a not coincidental fact is that this year on the same date, the first Youtube Soccer World Cup will take place, where eight soccer teams will participate (Spain, Germany, Brazil, England, France, Mexico, Portugal and Argentina ) made up of content creators who will compete in soccer.

In conclusion, the rise of the new streaming platforms adds to the first broadcast experience in a World Cup tournament, accompanied not only by famous streamers but also by new and innovative formats.

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